Stervin Smith, Sr.

Stervin Smith, Sr. is the owner/founder of All Phases Core Fitness, LLC. He is a certified personal trainer through the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). He is also AED and CPR certified. He brings more than six years of certified experience to his life-long pursuit of a healthy community.

Stervin is married to Shaunda, and they have three sons. He is a graduate of Little Rock Central High School, and a lifelong resident of Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Braylon Graves

Braylon Graves, AKA “BFIT,” is an Ace Certified Fitness Trainer with a specialty in strengthening, conditioning & toning. I love training and teaching clients about the benefits of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. I believe that with hard work, consistency, and dedication the sky is the limit with your fitness goals.


Xtreme Hip-Hop

Alline Seals is a certified Xtreme Hip Hop step instructor. I fell in love with Xtreme Hip Hop step about 4 years ago and became a trainer in May of 2019. And even though step has been around for years, my primary goal is to “Make Step Great Again!” I care about my students, and there’s nothing more rewarding than watching my students progress from a beginner to an advanced stepper.  I understand that step can be intimidating, and that’s why I try various methods in my class to ensure each student is successful.  Our team is here to help you accomplish your step goals. 

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